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I enjoy creating original wine-pairing recipes that are healthful and delicious. I work for Touring & Tasting a Santa Barbara based wine club and national magazine as Food Editor. However, I am not paid for this blog and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own. I received my Personal Chef Skills Competency Award from the SBCC's School Of Culinary Arts. In 2012, I started Inside Wine - Santa Barbara with pal Lila Brown which features wine tastings with winery owners and winemakers. I also serve on the Board of the Santa Barbara Culinary Arts group, which had Julia Child as one of the founding members and funds scholarships for SBCC culinary students in her name.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Flavor! Napa

The Appellation Trail Tasting at Flavor! Napa last night was one of the most gluttonous (and delicious) experiences in my life. I tasted samples from all 30+ top Napa restaurants--fantastic! And like any tourist, I had to have my photo taken with Chef Morimoto!

When I have the chance, I'll post photos from this hedonistic debauch of food. Held at the The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, it was a showcase for the talents of top chefs across the Napa appellation.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Best of the Wurst

You have to love Santa Barbara. Besides the glorious beach and Mediterranean climate, a walk through downtown always yields surprises. Yesterday, there were 10 colorfully painted pianos on various street corners, waiting for passerbys to create impromptu performances. I snagged the photo on the right from the "Pianos on State" Facebook page. As I walked down State, there was an earnest young man at one, pounding his way through a difficult classic.

Walking across Cota, I saw this sign saying"To The Wurst", written in swirly script, like something you'd expect to see in Alice in Wonderland. I couldn't resist following the pointing finger--even if were to lead me down the rabbit hole! Instead, I found a friendly woman behind the blue door facing this alley. It's a little pop-up restaurant serving homemade sausages, some vegetarian entrees and some of the best french fries in Santa Barbara.

I had the veggie wurst with grilled onions and peppers and cilantro pesto.

At the backdoor of Blue Agave: The Wurst Natural Sausage, 20 E. Cota, Santa Barbara.