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I enjoy creating original wine-pairing recipes that are healthful and delicious. I work for Touring & Tasting a Santa Barbara based wine club and national magazine as Food Editor. However, I am not paid for this blog and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own. I received my Personal Chef Skills Competency Award from the SBCC's School Of Culinary Arts. In 2012, I started Inside Wine - Santa Barbara with pal Lila Brown which features wine tastings with winery owners and winemakers. I also serve on the Board of the Santa Barbara Culinary Arts group, which had Julia Child as one of the founding members and funds scholarships for SBCC culinary students in her name.

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WINE PAIRING RECIPES -- Listed By Wine Varietal

WINE PAIRING RECIPES from Tama Takahashi, Food Editor and avid cook

*Recipes marked with an asterisk are on my old blog:
Recipes without an asterisk are on this blog:

RED BORDEAUX Wine Pairing Recipes:
*Hearty Nutloaf With Homemade Marinara*
*Hummus With Crunchy Pita Appetizer*
*Mushroom Potato Bake*

Wine Pairing Recipes:

• Dobin Mushi: Steamed Matsutake Soup
• Mushroom Paté

MALBEC Wine Pairing Recipes:• Rustic Empanadas With Pork Loin
* Sri Lankan Masala*

Wine Pairing Recipes:
* Costa Rica Gallo Salad*
* Harvest Stew Baked In A Sugar Pumpkin*
* Italian Stracotto With Polenta*
• Kasha and Gruyere Stuffed Savoy Cabbage
* Lentil, Quinoa and Spinach Soup*
• Pork Posole

PINOT GRIS or PINOT GRIGIO Pairing Recipes:* Baked Salmon In White Wine*
• Crispy Panko-Crusted Pork Cutlet
* Individual Chicken Pot Pies*
* Killer Shrimp*
• Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Appetizer
* Santa Barbara Clam Chowder*
• Soup With Quinoa, Greens and English Peas
* Tofu Curry With Lentil Rice*

RED RHONE or GSM BLENDS Pairing Recipes:* Alice Water's Beef Stew*
* Chicken Cacciatore*
• Coc Au Vin
• Moist Marinated Pork Chops

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